Youth Protection

The Youth Protection Policy is a set of high standards, guidelines and training for each coach, instructor, volunteer and staff of Cheerleader Academy. The Policy was developed by the National Youth Athletic Association to protect against the exploitation and abuse of youth and provide a safe, comfortable and positive environment for all student athletes involved in the National Youth Athletic Association’s sports programs. All adults are required to undergo a criminal background check and as well as complete the Youth Protection Policy training before officially working with our student athletes.  Additionally, all youth volunteers ages 16 to 18 are required to complete the Youth Protection Policy training and certification as well.  Re-certification occurs every year.

The Youth Protection Policy includes training on how to deal with reporting suspected or alleged child abuse or endangerment, policies against one-on-one interactions between youth volunteer and adults and student athletes and bullying, among other detailed guidelines.  The policy is based on and extracted from Maryland laws and regulations.

The student athlete’s safety is top priority and we as an organization ensure that we take all the necessary measures to ensure that this is not compromised.