At Cheerleader Academy, our number one priority is our student athletes’ academic success. We require our student athletes to maintain at least a 2.5 average but stress the importance of a B or better average. To help our students get to and maintain that B or better average, we offer free tutoring and mentoring sessions as well as Pathways to College, our program to guide students and parents through the college preparation and application process. Pathways to College includes preparation for all ages in Cheerleader Academy.

Whether your student athlete is in public or private school, it is our desire for them to surpass the state standards in all areas of academics. The combination of tutoring, mentoring, homework sessions in a team group setting motivates our student athletes to perform better in school. Not only do our coaches and instructors continuously encourage our student athletes to strive for academic excellence but our student athletes rally around one another for motivation.

We ask that parents provide a copy of progress reports and report cards in order to track our student athletes’ academic progress. With parents, we help to identify areas of improvement and areas of strength. We work together as a team to provide whatever assistance necessary to help our student athletes perform at optimum levels academically. If at any time during the year a student athlete falls below the minimum 2.5 average, that student athlete is considered on academic probation. While academic probation requires that the student athlete attend all practices and games/performances, at the discretion of the coaches, it is possible that the student athlete may not be permitted to perform until the next progress report or report card that reflects at least a 2.5 average. Similarly, consistent behavioral and disciplinary issues at school will result in probation. The decision for a student athlete to be excused from this form of probation is at the discretion of the coaches after consultation with the parents.