Who Are We

Cheerleader Academy is a Christian-based organization under the Maryland Youth Athletic Association, Inc. and a partnership company with the National Youth Athletic Association, Inc. Cheerleader Academy offers year around programs in Sideline Cheer and Competition Cheer.

  • Customer Satisfaction 100%
  • Parental Support 95%
  • Organization 100%
  • Student Academic Success 90%

At Cheerleader Academy, our number one priority is our student athletes’ academic success. We require our student athletes to maintain at least a 2.5 average but stress the importance of a B or better average. To help our students get to and maintain that B or better average, we offer free tutoring and mentoring sessions as well as Pathways to College, our program to guide students and parents through the college preparation and application process. Pathways to College includes preparation for all ages in Cheerleader Academy.

Each week our student athletes are provided instruction and coaching on cheers, cheer techniques, jumps and cheer formations; gymnastics and acrobatics; and much, much more. We do not require previous experience in any of these areas; we just require a desire to try and to learn. These areas do require a great amount of concentration and discipline and we teach our student athletes both of these crucial aspects throughout each session. Through our instruction and coaching our student athletes learn teamwork and motivation.

Finally, we understand that without the proper physical and emotional wellness, our student athletes cannot perform academically or athletically. We therefore focus heavily on eating right, being active even outside of our weekly practices and positive self-esteem. We understand personally what our young ladies see, hear and experience daily as it relates to how they look on the outside and feel on the inside. We address these areas every week and incorporate various methods in order to assure the well-being of our student athletes mentally, emotionally and physically.

Fitness for Young Women

Our cheerleaders learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle throughout the entire program.

Eating Right

Eating right and the proper diet is key to an athlete’s healthy lifestyle and optimal performance.

Academic Success

At Cheerleader Academy, our number one priority is our student athletes’ academic success.


The only way to properly be in authority is to first follow authority.  We instill respect for authority while at the same time entrusting our student athletes with the responsibility of leadership on the team and encouraging leadership in all areas of their life.